Who we are

LIA Creative, Inc. was founded in 2013 with the sole purpose to produce shoes that are comfortable and stylish for the woman-on-the-go.

With one pull on the back of the sandal you’re able to change out the Lia Upper of your shoe to create a completely new style and look.

This shoe was built and designed to evolve with today’s woman. Whether she’s changing from her day to night look, or changing planes on vacation, we want to make sure our woman has a comfortable shoe base that she can effortlessly transform into a completely new look.

Not only can this shoe keep up with your daily lifestyle, but by only requiring one shoe base, and offering numerous Lia Upper styles, you save space in your closet and luggage!

Lia sandals and our technology is the go-to interchangeable shoe company for the 21st century woman. 

Simply pull the tab at the heel of the shoe, lift the Lia Upper off of the footbed and replace it with a new Lia Upper. Lia's Locking mechanism was built to withstand being changed often and will not loosen over time.

How it works

National Resource Centers

National Resource Centers

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Here's are some

frequently asked questions

What is the cost of the Lia Shoe?

One pair of Lia Wedges costs $89.95 and comes with the classic black upper. We sell each additional Lia Uppers at $19.95.

What style of shoe do you have?

At this time, we offer two styles of the Lia Wedge - The Deana and The Toni. With each of these styles of Lia Wedge, we offer two base color options.

Collect each of our 4 Lia Wedge base styles and all the Lia Uppers and you will have over 40 different shoe style options in your closet. Believe it!

Does the shoe size matter for the Lia Upper?

No, all Lia Uppers fit onto any size Lia Wedge. The Lia Uppers do have sizes that corespond to the shoe size, so a size 7 Lia Wedge will come with a Size 7 Lia Upper. But you always have the option to order a larger or smaller size Lia Upper if you have a wide or narrow foot.